Mile 300 FSC

Welcome to the 2022-23 Season!

We are a figure skating club, located in Fort Nelson, BC. Please enjoy our new information and communication website where our intention is to keep you informed and updated.

Meetings held the first Monday of every month.

Via Zoom:

Jennifer Barkved is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Mile 300 FSC Monthly Meeting

Time: Dec 5, 2022 at 7:00pm Pacific Time

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Meeting ID: 891 2432 4241

Volunteering/Fundraising Opportunities

2021-22 Season Sponsors

Meet Our Coaches

Krystal Blain

Canskate Coach

Victoria Fisher

Star Coach

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Registration Forms

For registration, please click on each red button. Download and print. Fill out and bring to registration.


All members are encouraged to file any complaints or concerns via email to mile300fsc@gmail.com Please refrain from contacting Coaches or Staff directly, in order for your complaints and concerns to be managed the proper channels must be accessed. Please refer to the handbook.

Meeting Minutes

At Mile 300 FSC, we have a monthly board meeting. Members are welcome to attend. These meetings will be posted on our Facebook page one week prior, with details of location or zoom link and time.

Mile 300 FSC Yearly Award Ceremony

Skate Care and Sharpening

Caring for you skates and keeping them sharpened will contribute to both your skater’s safety and success out on the ice. Please refer to the handbook for points and tips. We have two business here in town that provide skate sharpening and one out of town. Please click on the buttons for more information about each.